Independent Laboratory Test Reports

No one else can say....


Boeing Aerospace, Seattle
Chatfield Applied Research Laboratories, London
Commercial Testing Co., GA
Certified Testing Laboratories in GA
Centre D' Essals Aeronautique De Toulouse, France
Forensic Testing Laboratories, GA U.S.
Testing Co., Los Angeles,
CA TRI/Environmental Inc.,
TX Woolsafe Organisation, Otley, England

Water Based Stains

Chatfield Applied Research Laboratories in London, England (Condensed Version)

wine spill

Staining agent: Untreated: MicroSealed:
1. Tea Stained No Stain
2. Coffee Stained No Stain
3. Orange Juice Trace of Stain No Stain
4. Tomato Soup Stained No Stain
5. Fountain Ink Stained No Stain
6. Port Wine Trace of Stain No Stain
7. Water Repellency 4.4% 98%

Additional Test Conclusions:

MicroSeal reduces wear
MicroSeal shows a useful degree of permanency.

Oil Based Stains

TRI/Environmental Inc. in San Antonio,Texas (Summary)

Oil based stains

"...The MicroSeal Formula is effective against oil based stains."
(Oil based stains include chocolate, butter, makeup, oil, mayonnaise, grease, tar etc.)

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Sun Fade

Chem Tech in Seguin, Texas (Summary)

Sun fade

“MicroSeal is effective in reducing fabric degradation from ultraviolet A and
ultraviolet B.”

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VOC Certified Test Report

"MicroSeal meets the strictest VOC environmental standards in the United States
ZERO VOC's when dry"

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Stain Resistance

The WoolSafe Organization in Otley, England (Summary)

“MicroSeal meets the stringent testing standards of The Woolsafe Organisation”


Testimony from an Aerospace Industry Expert

SAI in Savannah, GA
Over 20 years in the industry - has a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code as a registered vendor for the U.S. government through Central Contracting Registration (CCR).

industry test

"One of the world's largest and most prestigious aerospace company's typically installs 100% wool carpeting in their Jet Interiors. The average carpet life-time of their leased jets is 18 months. The average carpet life-time of the same leased jet with MicroSeal is close to 30 months."
Accidents Happen ...

muddy paws

coffee stain

ink stain



aircraft interiors

food stains


... Microseal protects